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This community is for Dir en grey fans a.k.a 'DEGGERS'

For those who don't know Dir en Grey is a Japanese rock band made up of Kyo-prophet/vocals, Kaoru-leader/guitar, Die-Guitar, Toshiya-bass guitar and Shinya-drums. They were formerly known as la:sadies but reformed in 1997 as dir en grey after their bassist Kisaki left. They replaced him with Toshiya who they'd performed with at a live once before. One of their first singles 'I'll' broke indies records and since then they've had a successful run of singles and music videos many of them making it into the top 10 and just outside of it. This year they've expanded their fanbase by touring in Europe and later will expand it more by going to the USA. You could say they're at the peak of their popularity and we fans wish them all the best with their music in the future.
For more information visit http://www.direngrey.co.jp

Everything and anyone is welcome, we just ask you to keep fan girl/boyism else where because no-one wants to read repetative posts on you declaring you're love for Kyo.
13th_deity: XDD yet you do it all the time
tetura: shut up XD

We welcome anything including:

+Music/Video/Audio uploads
+Icons/Colour bars
+General Diru questions
+Interview/Article translations
+General Diru news or discussions
+opinions without getting banned

We welcome affiliates and they don't just have to be for dir en grey.

Happy posting ^_^


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